TSC status for the week of 10.28.2013

David Meyer <dmm@...>

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The TSC met on the 10.31.2013. Status was provided on the
standingagenda items, including System Testing and Integration and
upcoming events at which ODP will be discussed. We also added project
status reports to the weekly agenda in the ramp up to the H2 release.
We expect the first project reports next week.In addition, the we have
been in discussion with IU InCNTRE and ON.Lab regarding testing.
InCNTRE seemed a logical partner for testing Openflow (and they are
very interested in working with us). However, their infrastructure has
really been developed to provide testing and conformance verification
for the switch side of the equation, whereas we want to test the
controller side. As such some development of both testing
methodologies and the corresponding code will need to be developed
(and we might/will need to help fund this). Discussions with ON.Lab
are in a much more preliminary state.

The bulk of the discussion on this week's call centered on whether we
should add OVSDB to the Base Edition release vehicle for the Hydrogen
release. The TSC will vote on this question during next week's call
(after receiving additional information regarding risks and costs).

Finally, an ongoing concern is how we are going to produce release
documentation that is consistent with our values for quality and
coverage. This remains open.

As always, please let me know if you have questions and/or comments.Thanks,--dmm

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