TSC status for the week of 11.18.2013

David Meyer <dmm@...>

The TSC met on 11.21.2013. The key agenda items this week included how
the TSC wants to handle promotion to committer status, conflicts among
Dove, VTN and the Affinity projects in the Virtualization Edition, ODP
branding, and API Freeze issues, as well as progress reports on the
Affinity Metadata Service and VTN projects.

We had a spirited discussion about the promotion of contributors to
committer during which several general open source principles were
articulated. The summary is that the TSC wants to use the lightest
possible touch on this process (on the theory that the projects know
best who should be committers on their project) while at the same time
maintaining the ethic that committers should be elected based on
meritocracy (meritocracy in this case being measured by how much an
individual has contributed to the code of the project based on
commits). However, we did not want to put a metric on this (e.g.,
number of commits) as it was clear that any such metric would at best
be arbitrary.

Regarding conflicts among Dove, VTN, and the Affinity projects in the
Virtualization Edition, the immediate term project was solved but
there is a big piece of post-release work to do on finding the proper
abstractions under which all three projects can complement each other.

We also discussed the issue of ODP branding (e.g., "Powered by
OpenDaylight") and decided to form a subteam to work on this with the
marketing and legal teams. That subteam should be coming together over
the next few weeks (as an aside: we have also formed a subteam to
flesh out what our interaction, if any, with IU InCNTRE around testing
will be; that group will start its work after the US Thanksgiving

We also had a vigorous discussion about API versioning and freeze
issues. Madhu Venguopal and Ed Warnike will come back to the TSC with
a proposal to deal with the varied issues raised (after the first

Finally, we had progress reports on the Affinity Metadata Service and
VTN projects. Both projects are on track for the release, although
there are longer term issues such as integrating with the SAL and
co-existence among the Affinity, VTN, andn Dove projects. These will
be addressed in the post-release time frame.

As always, please let me know if you have questions and/or comments.