TSC meeting minutes from 11/13/2014

Colin Dixon

The TSC met for two hours on Thursday, November 13th [0] and discussed a variety of topics including:

1.) Reviewing and approving the SXP project proposal [1] conditionally on (i) a trademark search, (ii) minor edit to the project scope, and (iii) adding the list of 4 resources committed as initial comitters.

2.) Discussion of how to set up the ODLForge we have been discussing for some time as a lightweight way to allow people to work on code inside OpenDaylight without having to create a full project.

3.) Discussion of how we may want to both encourage projects to progress in the lifecycle [2] and how we might alter the lifecycle to better meet our needs, e.g., maybe not allowing incubation/bootstrap projects to participate in main simultaneous release, but instead as a parallel process.