Release status: Sulfur SR2/Chlorine SR1/Argon

Robert Varga


both release streams have been updated with the MRI projects' code drop, hence should be good for picking a release candidate:
- 2022.03 Sulfur SR2 (since Friday)
- 2022.09 Chlorine SR1 (next AR)

I have not checked the CSIT runs, but do not expect major issues --
hence I am in Argon-land and DTF-land until someone hollers.

As for 2022.03 Argon, we are past deadline for MRI integration, but I should have that cleared in the next two weeks (due to DTF).

I will also be hosting a session at the DTF regarding how
- 2022.03 Argon
- 2022.09 Potassium
- 2023.03 Calcium (very healthy for you)
look based on the feedback we received from the survey.