[app-dev] CSIT for Akka uplift

Robert Varga


On 05/02/2021 18:35, Venkatrangan Govindarajan wrote:
Hi Robert,
Hey Venkat,

  Based on our discussion in the DDF, I reviewed the patch - [0]. It is
not used by any of the currently active 3-node jobs. The current silicon
3node jobs have classic.netty.tcp righly set in akka.conf -[1] (Please
search for the string 'Dump akka.conf')
Yeah... I wondered about that... see below.

I guess, no fix is needed. for netty.tcp. Please let me know if you have
some failing job link, so that we can check for other failures.
I suspected as much :) In that vein I went ahead and released both
controller-3.0.6 and aaa-0.13.1.

Given we are before branch cut, let's try to treat this as an MIR bump
and see what the fallout is,

We still have ~2 weeks until the checkpoint. If this does not pan out,
we will just revert and come back with lessons learnt :)