Call for Mentors - 2023 Mentorship Program is live

Casey Cain

Today, we’re excited to open the call for mentors and project proposals for the 2023 LF Networking Mentorship ProgramThe Program is intended to provide a formal structure to connect mentors and student developers from around the globe to contribute their enthusiasm, time, and experience toward building sustainable LFN communities.

 Why should you consider mentoring for LF Networking Mentorship Program?
  • You believe in the value of mentorship in helping new developers to navigate open source development, the culture, the tooling, and the infrastructure to be productive members of the community.  
  • You are passionate about teaching and guiding student developers, many of whom may be first time open-source contributors, 
  • You are eager to bring new perspectives, ideas, and talent into your community and projects.
  • You have a narrowly scoped mentorship project with clear learning objectives/outcomes, and a mentee's work and potential contributions could add value to the project or community of which you're an active developer or maintainer.     
 I am interested in mentoring but how do I get started? 
What are the elements the LFN Mentorship Program will implement to maximize mentor/mentee collaboration success?
  • Mentor and mentee onboarding will be conducted at the start of the Program
  • Project planning that includes deliverables, milestones, and tasks will be completed collaboratively between the mentors and mentees during the first two weeks of the program and posted on the wiki to increase transparency and accountability.
  • Mentee presentations will be required to sharpen both presentation skills and to cultivate the ability to provide constructive feedback and critique that’s the norm in the open source community for developing technologies collaboratively and openly.
  • Mentee evaluation will be conducted on a regular cadence tied to milestone deliverable schedules to help mentors and LFN staff formalize and respond to progress.
If you have any questions, please contact

We look forward to your submission of a mentorship project and thank you in advance for volunteering your time to contribute to training the new talent pool in the LF Networking communities.

Casey Cain
Senior Technical Community Architect
Linux Foundation
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