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Sure, door is always open. We are now trying to setup teams to work on the activities below. Please let me know which task(s) you would like to contribute and if you would like to be mentor (you are kind of knowable on the subject) or collaborator for the task.


Task 1: Continuous System Integration Test based on PAX-EXAM framework


Description: Check what the different projects are doing for CIT and write new PAM-EXAM TCs that will check overall system health

Skills: Java programming, JUnit, PAM-EXAM


Task 2: New test infrastructure for System Integration Test


Description: Look into new test tools like test automation framework and protocols simulators (some projects may already use something)and integrate them with existing ones (Jenkins, Sonar) by M4

Skills: Test frameworks like Robot, test automation programming, test reporting , REST API testing, etc…


Task 3: Release features


Description: Start digging into project deliverables features so we have more understanding what to test and what would the final release look like, write release features list by M4

Skills: Technical understanding on all protocols and internal functionalities of the ODL delivery






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Hi  Luis


     Sorry for so late response. I know Integration project already setup,  I would like to join this project, if door is still open for me.


2013/9/10 Luis Gomez <luis.gomez@...>

Excellent, I will contact you on a separate mail. I will also remind doors are still open for those interested in collaborating in join test effort, please just contact me.


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Hi Luis,

Sorry for my delayed response. I am interested in OpenFlow plugin project. If possible, I am glad to join the test Collaboration.


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>Hi all,
>My name is Luis am I am very new in the Opendaylight project (just joined
>yesterday), my background is System Integration & Verification and E2E testing
>(Ericsson and Multi-vendor). I have just been appointed to coordinate and drive
>Integration&Verification efforts to have a successful Opendaylight release.
>With this purpose we will be doing a short presentation next Hackfest that will
>conver things like:
>- Release plan: pretty much in place, only release vehicles (Basic, Service
>Provider, Cloud editions, etc...) are still under discussion
>- Anatomy map: ODL components and dependencies/interfaces among them
>- Release-Anatomy plan: how the release plan (time based) fits with anatomy
>map (function based)
>- Test strategy: different kind of tests (unit, continuous integration, continuous
>system integration, system, etc...), responsibilities (project, community) and
>flow (how often, when to run the different tests)
>- System Test Plan: Description of TCs and resources needed to do a system test
>So for now and till the Hackfest I would like to ask the community:
>- Collaboration: Anyone that wants to join and collaborate with common test
>activities please contact me
>- Information: I am looking for any high level view of ODL components and
>dependencies (specially within the controller project that seems to be the more
>complicated), also information on any system test performed by the controller
>or any other project is very welcome.
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