[controller-dev] Opendaylight I&V strategy

黄登辉 <huangdenghui@...>

Hi  Luis
     Sorry for so late response. I know Integration project already setup,  I would like to join this project, if door is still open for me.

2013/9/10 Luis Gomez <luis.gomez@...>

Excellent, I will contact you on a separate mail. I will also remind doors are still open for those interested in collaborating in join test effort, please just contact me.


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Hi Luis,

Sorry for my delayed response. I am interested in OpenFlow plugin project. If possible, I am glad to join the test Collaboration.


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>Hi all,
>My name is Luis am I am very new in the Opendaylight project (just joined
>yesterday), my background is System Integration & Verification and E2E testing
>(Ericsson and Multi-vendor). I have just been appointed to coordinate and drive
>Integration&Verification efforts to have a successful Opendaylight release.
>With this purpose we will be doing a short presentation next Hackfest that will
>conver things like:
>- Release plan: pretty much in place, only release vehicles (Basic, Service
>Provider, Cloud editions, etc...) are still under discussion
>- Anatomy map: ODL components and dependencies/interfaces among them
>- Release-Anatomy plan: how the release plan (time based) fits with anatomy
>map (function based)
>- Test strategy: different kind of tests (unit, continuous integration, continuous
>system integration, system, etc...), responsibilities (project, community) and
>flow (how often, when to run the different tests)
>- System Test Plan: Description of TCs and resources needed to do a system test
>So for now and till the Hackfest I would like to ask the community:
>- Collaboration: Anyone that wants to join and collaborate with common test
>activities please contact me
>- Information: I am looking for any high level view of ODL components and
>dependencies (specially within the controller project that seems to be the more
>complicated), also information on any system test performed by the controller
>or any other project is very welcome.
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