Freenode IRC use

Andrew Grimberg

Greetings folks,

Given the saga of what's been happening on Freenode may not be well
known by everyone I just want to state a few things:

1) When this whole situation started to develop LF Release Engineering
(and in this case I mean me) got setup on Libera [0].

2) We reached out to the network operations staff and got namespaces
that we've had control over claimed so that we will be able to
administer the namespace

3) Opendaylight's namespace of #opendaylight and #opendaylight-* are
safe in the respect that LF RE is currently the only people that can
"register" a room in that namespace. Per standard IRC _anyone_ can open
a room in that namespace but unless they constantly sit in it they'll
lose ops / founder rights when they disconnect. Furthermore they can't
"register" it to keep the ownership.

4) I have personally re-registered the rooms that I still had founder on
in Freenode over on Libera.

5) If you still have any desire to connect over IRC I would suggest that
you switch to Libera. Freenode has effectively committed suicide [1] and
you would need to re-register both your nick and any rooms you had at
this point. I am no longer on Freenode, so if you're getting messaged
from a 'tykeal' over there, it isn't me.

6) For those that are tired of IRC and want something more modern. LF is
currently in an active beta of Matrix which we will be offering out to
all of the communities that we are in support of when it is ready. There
have already been discussion about bridging into IRC (as well as other
chat networks) to link both worlds. I do not have a firm date as to when
this will be fully available but it's coming.



Andrew J Grimberg
Manager Release Engineering
The Linux Foundation