Input on 2023 TAC Goals

Casey Cain

Hello everyone,

The Technical Advisory Council is seeking input from the LFN Communities regarding what areas they should be focusing on in 2023. 
We request that you provide feedback to your project TAC representative no later than October 11th.   If your project representative can not make it to the Oct 12th meeting, please appoint an alternative.

Q:  Who is my TAC representative?
   ONAP: Catherine Lefevre
   ODL: Robert Varga Dave Wallace
   ODIM: Alexander Vul
   EMCO: Amar Kapdia
   XGVela: Qihui Zhao
   TF: Nick Davey
   L3AF: Santhosh Fernandes
   Anuket: Walter Kozlowski, Gergely Csatari, Lincoln Lavoie, Al Morton

Q:  I don't have an invite to the meeting.  How can I participate?
A:  You can register to attend the TAC bi-weekly meetings here

If you have any further questions, please let me know.

Casey Cain
Senior Technical Community Architect
Linux Foundation
WeChat: okaru6
WhatsApp: +1.503.779.4519