Intro to net-virt-platform: OpenStack integration and HA demo videos

Rob Sherwood

FYI -- tsc members have also asked me about net-virt code, so I wanted to make sure that people saw this.

- Rob

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Date: Tue, May 7, 2013 at 6:19 PM
Subject: Intro to net-virt-platform: OpenStack integration and HA demo videos
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Hi Everyone,

I've been getting a bunch of requests along the lines of "what does the net-virt-platform code do?" and "what makes it unique compared to other controllers?".  While I'm in parallel trying to document these things better (e.g., on the wiki, etc.), I was able to steal some time from my colleague Aaron Edwards and he actually made two demonstration videos of the code.

In the first video, he shows how our net-virt-platform integrates with OpenStack/Quantum:

And in the second video, he shows how our HA solution works with a live failover:

While these videos are a bit high-level (e.g., he doesn't show how to setup the videos or go into much detail about what's going on in the backend), it does serve to give some examples of what we're happy about in this code base.  In the coming week or so, we'll be fixing up some of the install scripts and better documenting some of the integration so people can more easily replicate these demos themselves.

Please take a look and send feedback and questions,


- Rob