items for this week's TSC call

David Meyer <dmm@...>


Please read the minutes so we'll be ready to accept/modify them. In addition, Ed Warnicke has proposed modifications to the project life cycle document clarifying the decision making process within a project. We will want to vote on his proposal this week if possible. In particular, see 

in which Ed proposes that the dev mailing list for a given project will be the place were such decisions are held and documented with a +1 vote by committers on the project (see “Intra project decision making” for the additions/edits made on that topic).  

In addition, please take a look at the agenda for this week's call for missing items ( There are several important items there that we need to be prepared to discuss (and if possible, vote on;  for example, the Development Process we want to take to the Board).

Thanks, and thanks again to ChrisP for the fine job managing the call last week.