Minutes of Meeting: OpenDaylight TSC Meeting

Christopher Price <christopher.price@...>

TSC members attendance:
Dave Meyer
Ed Warnicke
Chris Price
Madhu (for Chris Wright)
Rob Dolin (stand in?)
Vijoy Pandey

Previous minutes of meeting were not approved. 
Postponed: please review for next week.

Project status summary:
Propose to allocate 10 minutes of TSC time for project presentations, one or two a week would be a good target, a good way to raise TSC awareness of all ongoing projects and difficulties to the steering group.
Ed raised time-slot issues could be problematic for some projects
Dave to identify candidate projects to present in coming weeks

Event updates:
TSC members representing ODL in various forums in a "formal" capacity.
Some level of coordination and awareness of public statement and presentation is desired to both improve our messages and align of points and discussions that are ongoing in the broader community.
Uploading slides to the WiKi for sharing amongst spokespeople would be a good way to facilitate this:  (Colin/Ed)  Creating a "default" presentation could help.
Ed created a WiKi for storing collateral material that can be shared for presentation and discussion material.

ONF Northbound WG kickoff – Dave Lenrow
The group intends to define and standardize SDN controller northbound API's that can be adopted across the industry.
An opportunity exists for OpenDaylight to be a vehicle for developing the standardized northbound API's.
Dave M raised the question of why OpenFlow specific, or agnostics API's are defined when the NBI should likely be abstracted from the underlying protocol implementation.  No clear answer is apparent at this time.
The example API/Latitudes slide spawned significant discussion where the ODL community sees our NBI addressing a significant portion of the horizontal layers identified.  Some work would need to be done to address the "name spaces" of the API capabilities in ODL to align with this work if possible/attractive.
Liaison with ONF from ODL should likely be postponed until such time as the scope of the WG becomes clearer and engagement practices and focuses are more apparent.

System Integration and Testing:
Incenter call:
Ron Milford, chair of ONF IWG at InCenter, manage a set of testing and integration suites for OpenFlow validation.  They primarily focus testing southbound toward FE's where we are more interested in controller validation.
A joint initiative for mutual benefit would be to work with them to develop a regime to test controllers.  Dave called for TSC members and others to volunteer to be involved.  Madhu was highly positive to this.  Chris Price intending to engage, Ed not able to engage but highly supportive.
ON-Lab activity:
Suarav, from ON-Lab, has been speaking with Luis on the framework for ON-Test.  More evaluation is required on how much effort is required and for which release it would be feasible to perform this task.

OVSDB support in Base Edition
Madhu indicated that OVSDB could be a "just as easy" solution for getting started with OpenDaylight
Ed asked if there would be complexity in the base release by using OVSDB to talk to Mininet.  (ON-Lab is intending to use a distributed mini net)
Colin raise the discussion that the Base Edition is intended to be the easiest SDN solution to communicate around.
Chris price tried to understand the motivation to add OVSDB.  OVSDB seems like an easy solution for using in a lab environment.
Ed described the Virtualization edition fulfills the needs of a lab environment as a starting point for using OVSDB and OpenStack.
Brent mentioned OVSDB is a market assumption in a controller and should be provided as our "default download" edition of the controller.
An analysis was requested by Dave from Madhu/Brent and Luis on the design change and risks associated with adding the plugin to the base edition.
Madhu will provide a demo on the next TSC call to facilitate a decision to add OVSDB to the Base Release. 

Release Documentation
Dave introduced an open point that we do not have a well formed view on how we will produce well refined documentation.
Rob Dolin mentioned OpenStack  and WC3? Web-app.org have good documentation communities and activities to develop documentation.  These are models that can help us learn how to invest in documentation.

End user Committee Charter
An end user committee will be chartered to specify use cases and deployments to present regularly to the developer community to help provide guidance to the development community.

As the meeting ran quite long Dave determined there was not enough time left to discuss with value the remaining topics:
Clustering (distributed systems)
Sample App creation and distribution
Marketing (delayed until next week anyway)

The meeting was called to a close by Dave at 11:55.


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