ODL Release Mechanics

Ed Warnicke (eaw) <eaw@...>

On Monday,
The TSC decided (and asked me to communicate to discuss) that the decision was taken 
to have a ‘Release Freeze’ on Monday Jan 27, 2014 in preparation for cutting final release artifacts
for Hydrogen.
To be precise, what is meant by ‘Release Freeze’ is that on the branch in each project destined for
the OpenDaylight Hydrogen Release the only commits that should be going in from Jan 27,2014 until
the Hydrogen Release goes out the door are commits related to cutting the release artifacts (which will involve
some pom.xml file changes for versions).
Additionally, in order to help us manage the ‘blocking and tackling’ of getting the release out the door,
there was a request to put together a plan to be reviewed at the TSC meeting tomorrow.
I’ve got a spreadsheet here:

Which has two tabs:

‘Brainstorming’ which is meant to just capture ideas about what needs to be done, and 
‘Activities’ which is intended to capture specific actual actionable activities to be done in order to get the release 
out the door.  

Items highlighted in Green in the Brainstorming tab have made the transition to stated activities on the 
‘Activities’ tabs.

Please feel free to raise new ideas that have been missed about things which need to be done (the Brainstorming
tab is a good place to capture them).
Also, nothing gets done unless someone does the work.  We need ‘Wranglers’ to either do (for the Global tasks) or 
‘Wrangle’ folks from the projects for the ‘per Project tasks’.  Volunteers very welcome :)  Feel free to put your name down :)