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Makes sense. Thanks for the update.

The SDN central article was quite balanced-- almost positive...  it talked about the delay "by a few weeks" and mentioned all the good progress

I havent seen any other press on the delay-- has anyone?

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[OpenDaylight Board] TSC status for the week of 12.02.2013

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The TSC met on 12.05.2013. As might be expected, the bulk of the
meeting was concerned with the delay in the Hydrogen release schedule.
There was a vigorous discussion which included several vocal (non-TSC)
members of the community.

One modification we made to the staggered release plan discussed with
the Board is to add a "drop-dead date" (DDD)  at which we will release
without OpenFlow 1.3 support (i.e., with OpenFlow 1.0 only; this
reflects many of our constituent's reduced confidence given continued
slippage in dates for the OF 1.3 plug in). We will engineer the DDD by
working backwards from the Summit dates. More detail on this will be
forthcoming. Note that as expected, there has been already been some
analyst coverage of the delay. See e.g., [0].

As an aside, we are trying to limit the scope of the OF 1.3 plugin to
get it out. In particular, since every switch has idiosyncratic OF
behavior, the plugin requires coding for each switch; limiting the
number of switches we initially support (as well as the
actions/instructions initially supported) should help time to

One final note regarding the inability to run OpenDove, VTN and the
Affinity project simultaneously in the Virtualization Edition. Madhu
(RedHat) has come up with a quite nice method to enable one and
disable the other two from the command line (actually somewhat of a
configuration time option, but still workable and nicely done).
Thanks/kudos to Madhu for this fine work.

Finally, I want to point out that the ODP community has really pulled
together and made what can only be called heroic efforts to get the
release(s) done on time. We all thank them for their fine work on ODP.

As always, please let me know if you have questions and/or comments.



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