[OpenDaylight Discuss] Opendaylight I&V strategy

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Thanks Luis,

I'm adding infrastructure@... to Cc

* Luis Gomez (luis.gomez@...) wrote:

Hi all,

My name is Luis am I am very new in the Opendaylight project (just joined yesterday), my background is System Integration & Verification and E2E testing (Ericsson and Multi-vendor). I have just been appointed to coordinate and drive Integration&Verification efforts to have a successful Opendaylight release.

With this purpose we will be doing a short presentation next Hackfest that will conver things like:

- Release plan: pretty much in place, only release vehicles (Basic, Service Provider, Cloud editions, etc...) are still under discussion
- Anatomy map: ODL components and dependencies/interfaces among them
- Release-Anatomy plan: how the release plan (time based) fits with anatomy map (function based)
- Test strategy: different kind of tests (unit, continuous integration, continuous system integration, system, etc...), responsibilities (project, community) and flow (how often, when to run the different tests)
- System Test Plan: Description of TCs and resources needed to do a system test

So for now and till the Hackfest I would like to ask the community:

- Collaboration: Anyone that wants to join and collaborate with common test activities please contact me
- Information: I am looking for any high level view of ODL components and dependencies (specially within the controller project that seems to be the more complicated), also information on any system test performed by the controller or any other project is very welcome.