[OpenDaylight Discuss] my perspective on where we are with the single controller code base issue

Chris Wright <chrisw@...>

* David Meyer (dmm@...) wrote:
What is clear from this section is that the TSC does not have the
authority under our governance model to appoint committers to any
project. Note that any appointment of committers by the TSC also
violates the "meritocracy principle" that is core to any open source
I absolutely agree here. It is fundamental to the functioning of our

Summary: As I said in section (ii). below (New Project/Repository) and
reassert here, "this is largely a political issue and as such is
outside of the scope of the TSC". And while I initially thought a vote
on this topic might resolve the problem upon further reflection and
study I see that, as I originally stated, the creation of a New
Project is out of scope for the TSC. Further, the TSC has no
jurisdiction to appoint committers and in any event such an action
would violate core open source principles.

Finally, the ODP community is of course free to start any new project
which will be subject to the ODP lifecycle. However, the creation of a
new project and/or the appointment of committers is out of scope for
the TSC (and in any event would violate core open source values).
That's right. The path forward for "DE plan in new repo" is a project
proposal which, assuming it met the criteria, would graduate to an
incubation project.

That is not TSC, that is community driven. The germane question to the
community here is whether that's the right path forward for DE plan.