project lifecycle

Rajeev Nagar <Rajeev.Nagar@...>

I posted a question on the discuss list. However, I have a variant of the question for the TSC and would appreciate some clarification:
What in our current/approved project lifecycle describes the current scenario we face wherein the “bootstrap” project is redefined to be an amalgamation of two existing “bootstrap” projects? In this case, “amalgamation” is defined as high likelihood (we are all engineers so I am hand-waving here) that the resultant bootstrap code base will have a minimum of 20% LOC from each constituent bootstrap project?
Specific sub-questions include:
  1. Does the choice of repo define a bootstrap project?
  2. What defines the initial list of proposed committers for the scenario we are currently facing? Is it derived from the choice of repo?
If any of you want my personal opinion on the above, I am glad to directly state it. However, given/despite the passionate discussions amongst many of you, I could not figure out a crisp set of answers to the above. My experience base with open source projects is not as wide as most of you – hence my question and request for discussion amongst the TSC.
IF the above questions are not part of the TSC’s mandate, whose purview would they fall under?
Thanks and best,
  • rajeev