simple points for incubation

Chris Wright <chrisw@...>

TWS vs. TSC call

FWIW, I agree w/ Dave that the review process is confined to TSC, and we
shouldn't burden or rely on TWS for review. However, socializing isn't
a bad thing. Meaning, while TWS time is useful, it's TSC that needs
the review input.

2 wk stopwatch starts at...?

1) project proposal email receipt date (you sent it)
2) project proposal email response/ack date (we acked that we got it,
and we a scheduled you a TSC slot for review)
3) review slot (we heard you, now give us two weeks)

(to me, 2) seems pretty reasonable...assuming we are responsive)

- not a part of the release, clearly _not_ part of ODL
- encouraging community to do work (essentially no barrier to entry)
- simple written guidelines for following our licnese and process so
that incubation and IPR process is simple
- well, the world already works this way. we can't stop people
from doing anything anywhere. why not aid them?
- gives us something more useful to review for incubation projects
- incubation can join release, and i expect some better than 50%
likeliehood of incubation moving to mature