Technical debt report for October 2020

Robert Varga

Hello everyone,

this is a quick summary of current outstanding technical debt, as
reported by the autorelease build. This report has a large delta because
netvirt is no longer part of the picture.

3.11.2020 2.10.2020 delta
Deprecated 1791 2333 -542
Deprecated for removal 1235 2095 -860
Modernizer 219 423 -204

The second line is more critical, as those are things that either we or
our upstreams *will* remove. That number breaks down like this:

3.11.2020 2.10.2020 delta
Uint{8,16,32,64} (Mg) 494 1062 -568
addAugmentation (Al) 0 100 -100[*]
setFoo(List) (Al) 455 605 -150
other 286 328 -42

Since Silicon MRI removed the old addAugmentation() method, all projects
have been cleaned up. The next report will not have this line.

The Uint is impacted by netvirt going, but also by the OFP fixes
landing. There is more in that area still to come.

A number of fixes to setFoo(List) are much easier now that we have
BindingMap.of(), so there was some movement here also.

At this point we are at a place where setFoo() can reasonably be
eradicated, so Phosphorus will see them removed. It seems very likely
that will also happen to Uint methods as well.