The First OpenDaylight Summit

Phil Robb

Hello TSC and Marketing Group:

We have begun to discuss when the first OpenDaylight Summit will be in a variety of meetings over the past couple of months.  

In general, the consensus thus far has been to have the first Summit in February or March of next year.  This will be shortly after the first release at the end of 2013 as the community begins preparations for Release 2.  Given the list of available venues and existing SDN/Networking events, the week of February 24th in the Bay area seems to be the most promising.

If this is the date/location we are targeting, we need to lock it down and secure a specific venue as quickly as possible.   There are a limited number of venues available and they are being snapped up constantly.

To that end, I would like to request we discuss this via email and close on it within the next week.

Please weigh in with your thoughts.


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