TSC Special Election

Casey Cain

Hello, everyone. 

Prior to the recent TSC Election, the community elected to reform the TSC number of seats.  The TSC voted to initiate an election to add Active Community Members to the TSC.  The TSC defined activity as:
  • Active Community Members: Anyone from the OpenDaylight community with twenty (20) or more measurable contributions during the previous 12-month period, inclusive of code merged, code reviews performed, wiki page edits, or JIRA activities.

The TSC did not yet confirm the number of seats.  Please reference the TSC Election Process and the TSC Minutes.  I suggest that the TSC discuss proposals between now and February 18th, where the TSC can vote to confirm the available seats.  We can then initiate the TSC Special Election and candidates will be able to self-nominate.  

Casey Cain
Technical Program Manager / Community Architect
Linux Foundation
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