TSC status for the week of 08.12.2013

David Meyer <dmm@...>

The TSC met on 08.15.2013, The main order of business was to consider
moving the SNMP4SDN project [0] into Incubation state and whether to
include it in the Simultaneous Release. The TSC voted by voice vote to
both move SNMP4SDN to Incubation state and to include it in the
Simultaneous Release.

Because the objective of SNMP4SDN is to be able to program switches
with SNMP, there was a spirited discussion with respect to what
functionality should be exposed by the Service Abstraction Layer
(SAL); this is of course an important discussion that TSC should have
(and will continue to have) given the architectural important of the
SAL to ODP. It is interesting to note that the SNMP4SDN project is
actually an important and interesting test case for the SAL as it
envisions a somewhat different way of programming the underlying
target and as such involves considerations including (but not limited
to) what abstractions are needed in the SAL to support SNMP4SDN (and
in general), where state should reside, how state should be persisted
(if at all) and the like.

There was also an extended discussion of what the role of the TSC is
in shepherding projects (and more generally what the scope of the
TSC's authority actually is). In particular, there was (is) some
disagreement as to what latitude the TSC should reserve for itself. I
articulated a principle that might be summarized as (a). The TSC
process, especially when it comes to admitting projects to Incubation
state, should be as lightweight as possible, and (b). Since we
comprise the first ODP TSC, we should reserve all possible latitude
for the TSC as we are just learning and do not want to foreclose
options at this time (either for us or future TSCs). While it t looked
like there was rough consensus on these points it was not unanimous. I
expect that discussion of the exact scope and latitude of the TSC's
oversight to be a natural and healthy part of our continuing debate.

Please let me know if you have questions or comments.


[0] https://wiki.opendaylight.org/view/Project_Proposals:SNMP4SDN