TSC status for the week of 08.19.2013

David Meyer <dmm@...>

The TSC met on 08.22.2013 with a fairly light agenda. The main topics
of discussion included whether we should have a hackfest in the
October/November timeframe, code names for the first release, any
issues relating to the M2 milestone, and the status of systems
integration and testing activities.

With respect to an Oct/Nov hackfest, we decided to poll the projects
that have committed to the Simultaneous Release to see if we could
make progress in a more distributed fashion (e.g., using the IRC
channel, etc). If project leads would rather have another hackfest
we'll likely run another one in the Oct/Nov time frame.

On the topic of code names for the first release, the TSC narrowed the
candidate names down to Apollo, Ambient, Ambient Apollo, Avocet, Dawn,
and Hydrogen. Phil is running a trademark check on these and the ones
that come back clean will be subject to a community poll for final

As far as the M2 milestone is concerned, there were very few problems reported.

Finally, with respect to system testing and integration (STAI), Chris
Price said that Ericsson has an engineer that will start helping build
a STAI project as well as helping to coordinate the overall activity.
It was noted that even with this capability we need a release engineer
(not only for this release but in an ongoing capacity). It was also
suggested that we look into having the InCenter (@IU) folks do some
testing for ODP, at least for OpenFlow related functionality.

Please let me know if you have questions or comments.