TSC status for the week of 08.26.2013

David Meyer <dmm@...>

The TSC met on 08.29.2013. The agenda was fairly full and included
several miscellaneous topics including mailing list etiquette,
mirroring of code (read only) on github, and discussion of release
vehicles. Other topics included future hackfests, release code
names, update on discussions with the ONRC, an interesting proposal
from Geoff Arnold regarding tighter integration with OpenStack, and an
update on Systems Integration and Testing from Chris Price.

There was a spirited discussion on whether we should have another
hackfest after September. The clear consensus was that virtual
hackfests (e.g., "hack Friday's") would be a much better use of time
and lower the barrier to entry. It was also noted that if we can't
work in this (virtual) fashion then in some sense we are failing to
create community. That said, there is a survey open on whether we
should do another face to face hackfest after September. We will
evaulate the results of that survey during the next TSC call.

With respect to release code names, only two of the names we came up
with, Hydrogen and Ambient Apollo were "trademark clean". There is a
surveymonkey open to the community on these two names that closes

Phil and I also had a discussion with the ONRC folks (Guru, Bill, and
Larry) yesterday. The summary is that the ONRC folks would like to
work with us and that we both have open source projects in the SDN
space (and share the larger goal of facilitating SDN adoption through
these projects). However, the "philosophical divide" between ODP and
ONRC is that the ONRC is focused on the complete separation of control
and data planes (via OpenFlow) while ODP envisions various degrees of
separation of the control and data planes. As a result ONOS has chosen
different "optimization points" than ODP. We agreed that the next step
will be to get the ONRC folksk to come to one (or more) of the
technical work stream calls and describe their work so we can begin to
cross-pollinate the communities.

Geoff Arnold gave us an introduction to an OpenStack blueprint called
"Dynamic Network Resource Management" (see
https://wiki.openstack.org/w/images/7/71/Dnrm-blueprint-001.pdf) and
how it might be useful for ODP to incorporate this functionality. This
was not only interesting on the technical merits but also provided the
TSC with one of its first opportunities to evaluate a potential
project for appropriate scope. No decision was taken other than to
further discuss the proposal on the discuss list. The discussion did
lead to a related discussion as to whether ODP should propose anything
for the OpenStack Developer's conference around this (in Hong Kong).
I'll just note here that apparently Anees has proposed an ODP session
for the general conference.

Finally, with respect to Systems Integration and Testing, Chris Price
reported that the person he had to work on this will be starting to
look at the larger space this week, definitely good news.

Please let me know if you have questions or comments.