TSC status for the week of 09.02.2013

David Meyer <dmm@...>

The TSC met on 09.05.2013 with a rather full agenda which included the
upcoming Hackfest agenda and logistics, call for PC members for the
upcoming ODP summits, resolution of the code name for the first ODP
release (Hydrogen), a discussion of release vehicles for the first ODP
release, testing and integration, and a TSC charter issue around the
election new TSC members from Core projects scheduled for October 08.

Regarding release vehicles, OpenDaylight Base Edition, OpenDaylight
Service Provider Edition, and OpenDaylight Cloud Edition were
discussed as possible vehicles. Additional discussion around what
"base" functionality took place, and the idea that the base controller
should be the "Open Source Controller of choice" for OpenFlow/SDN
networks as well as the preferred research controller. Further
discussion was taken to the list(s).

Chris Price introduced Luis Gomez who will be helping with System
Testing and Integration. Luis will be familiarizing himself with the
projects and stakeholders over the next few weeks. Finally the TSC is
grateful all around to have Luis' help and expertise in this important

Finally, there was a spirited discussion around the TSC charter item
that provides for each Core project to elect a TSC member. Since we
don't have any projects promoted to Core as of yet (and don't
anticipate any before the first release), the TSC will be asking the
board for some amendment to handle this case. We hope to resolve that
during our call next week.

Please let me know if you have questions or comments.