TSC status for the week of 10.21.2013

David Meyer <dmm@...>

The TSC met on the 10.24.2013. Status was provided on the standing
agenda items, specifically System Testing and Integration (which is
making excellent progress, thanks again to Luis Gomez and crew). The
status and architecture of the MD-SAL were also discussed.

The bulk of the discussion on this week's call centered on outbound
marketing and expectation setting for the Hydrogen Release. Several
people expressed concern that the nature of ODP, namely as a platform
rather than a point solution, hasn't been well articulated and as a
result potential users and other customers may not be understanding
the real value proposition of ODP. In addition, there was concern that
we aren't generating simple "sample apps" that cover the low-hanging
fruit (such as making a group of L2 switches look like a single
switch) aren't being produced while at the same time we have O(10)
complicated applications (see for example the attached twitter
interaction). There was also a discussion about a more concerted
blogging campaign on SDNCentral (or elsewhere). To this end I asked
Omar to report on the marketing group's plans during next week's TSC

As always, please let me know if you have questions and/or comments.