TSC status for the week of 12.16.2013

David Meyer <dmm@...>

The TSC met on 12.19.2013. The bulk of the meeting was concerned with
the delay in the Hydrogen release schedule. The key discussion
centered around the status of the OpenFlow 1.3 plugin. The good news
is that team will hit the agreed upon date for a release candidate
(12.20.2013). We have a code freeze/decision point on 01.06.2014 at
which time we will decide whether and how the 1.3 plugin will be
included in the release. Other Hydrogen release issues discussed
included bundle versioning and documentation.

The second major topic of discussion was around creation reviews (more
precisely, how to admit projects into incubation state). We are
looking at a process in which a new project makes a presentation at
which time the two week timer before creation review starts (currently
a project must have its project proposal up on the wiki for two weeks
before creation review). Chris Wright has also proposed a
"pre-incubation state" which would not be part of any release (or ODP
for that matter). The objective here would be to encourage the
community to do work with essentially no barrier to entry). There are
other aspects of the proposal but the main feature is that requiring
such a (pre-incubation) state would give the TSC something more
tangible than a brief project description and perhaps some powerpoint
that it could use to evaluate/review the project. Note that there are
quite a few projects in the queue, including:

- Logical Switch Abstraction (Brocade)
- Fibre Channel SAN (Brocade)
- OpenDaylight Cellular RAN (NEC/NTT))
- OpenDaylight Carrier/Enterprise WLAN (NEC/NTT)
- DPDK_vSwitch (Intel)
- Application_Policy_Plugin (Cisco)

We'd like to get these moving so we will be resolving this process in
the very near term.

Finally, the TSC decided not to hold its weekly calls on 12.26.2013
and 01.02.2014 due to the Christmas and New Year's holidays.

Please let me know if you have questions and/or comments.