Version Synchronization for Hydrogen

Ed Warnicke (eaw) <eaw@...>

I have noticed that the org.opendaylight.controller:sal bundle version changed:

Two weeks ago - - 0.6.0-SNAPSHOT -> 0.7.0--SNAPSHOT 
Eight weeks ago - 0.5.1-SNAPSHOT  -> 0.6.0-SNAPSHOT 

I am concerned that we are all in synchronization across the versions of our dependencies,
so that there will not be any unexpected issues at runtime in the common controller runtime environment.

Towards that end, I think we need to, ASAP,

1)  Synchronize: Bring everyone up to the current -SNAPSHOT versions of their dependencies
2)  Stay Synchronized: Not update the maven version of any ODL components until after the final Hydrogen Release artifacts are cut.


P.S.  A brief explanation of the issue.  If I my bundle foo depends on sal 0.5.1-SNAPSHOT, I am expecting
certain API contracts from the sal.  If the sal has moved on twice, to 0.6.0-SNAPSHOT and then 0.7.0-SNAPSHOT,
and 0.7.0-SNAPSHOT is the version in the Release Vehicles, my bundle may fail due to not receiving the contract it expects
at runtime.  This in spite of all of my integration tests (which are still running against sal version 0.5.1-SNAPSHOT) passing.

By getting Synchronized on a SNAPSHOT version and Staying Synchronized until after the release in we can insure
that we are all on the same page, and that we will have the opportunity to discover any issues prior to the release,
rather than in the field.