LFN Communities: ONE Summit + K8s on Edge Day is Going All-Virtual

Brandon Wick

LFN Communities,
We wanted to let you know that Open Networking & Edge Summit + K8s on Edge Day is going fully virtual after feedback from our community and global travel policy restrictions. Dates remain the same - October 11-12 with the event continuing to be held on Pacific Daylight Time.

While all open source communities are global as we know, this event, and our own community is being disproportionately affected by prolonged border closures, and we simply don’t think it makes sense to continue with the in-person portion this year with so many in our community unable to join in person.

Registration for the virtual event is only $50 (though October 5th) and we encourage you to register today. LFN Members are entitled to an additional discount. Please email events@... for the member registration code. 

Please keep an eye out for some exciting new content updates for the event which we will be announcing shortly.

Thanks for your patience while we continue to navigate through this fluid situation. We’re looking forward to giving our community another virtual forum in which to collaborate and grow.

Best Regards,

LF Networking Team

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