OpenDaylight TSC Election Results

Casey Cain

Hello, Everyone.

I would like to announce that the OpenDaylight Technical Steering Committee Election has concluded.  Please congratulate the new TSC.

Hema Gopalakrishnan
Robert Varga
Arunprakash D
Anil Belur
Balaji Varadaraju
Luis Gomez
Jamo Luhrsen
Tejas Nevrekar
Venkatrangan Govindarajan
Faseela K
Abhijit Kumbhare

Congratulations!  Thank you to everyone who participated in the Election. The nomination period for the TSC Chair will begin immediately.  TSC members who are interested in nominating themselves for Chairperson may do so on this page:

Casey Cain
Technical Program Manager / Community Architect
Linux Foundation
IRC - CaseyLF
WeChat - okaru6