LFN Webinar This Week: "5G Dynamic Network Slicing via Open Source Projects"

Brandon Wick

LFN Community, 

This is a reminder that we'll be hosting the following LFN Webinar on Thursday, March 25th, 8:00 AM PT. Learn more and register here

LFN Webinar: 5G Dynamic Network Slicing via Open Source Projects
Srinivasa Addepalli, Chief Principal Engineer, Intel
Tushar Doshi, Technical Director,

5G network slicing enables a single physical infrastructure to be partitioned into multiple virtual instances, each optimized for the different needs of specific users. This opens up a new world of business opportunities for use cases like smart cities, autonomous driving, healthcare, and more. This also allows for greater operational efficiencies to network operators for only deploying the functions required to support a specific customer. Network slicing also benefits Enterprises by expanding their services geographically, creating private networks, and deploying Edge services. Though network slicing is a common topic across the industry right now, slicing implementations and discussion are often limited to eMBB, mIOT and URLLC. The next step on the slicing journey is servicing dynamic network slices.

In this talk, Srinivasa Addepalli, Chief Principal Engineer, Intel; and Tushar Doshi, Technical Director, will discuss various use cases and deployment models for dynamic slices and explain how they enable Enterprises to deploy MEC services. They will dig further on slicing orchestration to automate dynamic slice life cycle management and discuss enhancements required in NFVO tools and platforms for managing resources to ensure that slice SLAs are satisfied. They will highlight the open source projects active in this space, like K8s, ONAP, OpenNESS/EMCO, and how they contribute to dynamic slicing orchestration and show to benefit from this innovation.

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Brandon Wick
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