Re: Unimgr committer nominations

Donald Hunter

Mahesh Jethanandani +1

Santanu De +1

cc'ed Marek who may want to vote as well.


On Mon, 1 Mar 2021 at 17:20, Bartosz Michalik <bartosz.michalik@...> wrote:

Mahesh Jethanandani +1

Santanu De +1


Hopefully I still have right to vote as my email to step down as committer to unimgr-dev group was unnoticed 😊


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From: Donald Hunter <donald.hunter@...>
Sent: poniedziałek, 1 marca 2021 18:13
To: Charles Eckel (eckelcu) <eckelcu@...>; Mahesh Jethanandani <mjethanandani@...>; Santanu De <>; Kiran Ambardekar <Kiran.Ambardekar@...>; Bartosz Michalik <bartosz.michalik@...>; Luis Gomez <ecelgp@...>; app-dev@...
Subject: Unimgr committer nominations




I would like to nominate Mahesh Jethanandani and Santanu De as committers on the Unimgr project.

  • Mahesh is the author of the MEF Legato YANG modules that are implemented by Unimgr and has been providing direction for Legato implementation work.
  • Santanu has been making significant code contributions to Unimgr for a couple of years.

Existing committers please reply with your votes (+1 / -1) for each of the nominees.


Mahesh Jethanandani

Santanu De


Kind regards

Donald Hunter

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