[Bug 9138] FIB entries not showing all IP's with dualstack VM IP's


Comment # 7 on bug 9138 from
it is not very clear the steps posted by Rajarajan.

If the following steps works for on top-of-trunk of Nitrogen (not IPv6 review
based workspaces), then we can actually close the bug:

1. Create a Network - N1

2. Create an IPv4 subnet on that network - V4N1

3. Create a Ipv6 subnet on that network - V6N1

4. Create a Router R1 and add only the IPv6 subnet to that router

5. Make sure the DHCP Agent running is capable of supporting both IPv4 and IPv6
(like upstream CSIT)

5. Then boot 4 VMs on the Network (not the subnet).  All those VMs will come up
as DualStack VMs.

6. Make sure all the 4 VMs got both the IPv4 and IPv6 addresses correctly.

7. Make sure FIB shows only the IPv6 address prefixes of V6N1 subnet.

8. Just make sure that IPv6 to IPv6 communication between all the 4 VMs are

9. Just make that IPv4 to IPv4 communication between all the 4 VMs are working.

10.  Create another new network N2 and an IPv4 subnet V4N2 on that new network.

11.  Boot 2 more VMs with network N2.

11. Add that subnet V4N2 to the same router R1 of Step 4.

10. Make sure FIB now additionally shows the two IPv4 VM prefixes of V4N2

11. Make sure that both those VMs of step 11 are able to communicate with each
other on IPv4 prefixes.

12. Make sure that both those VMs of N2 of Step 11 are not able to communicate
over IPv4 to the VMs on Network N1.

13. Now delete subnet V6N1 from Router R1.

14. Make sure all IPv6 FIB Entries of V6N1 disappear. 

15.  Then delete subnet V4N2 from Router R1.

16. Make sure all the IPv4 FIB Entries of V4N2 disappear.

17. Delete the Router R1.  Make sure VRF Table for R1 disappears.

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