[archetypes-dev] Fluorine Release Archetype Problems

Tom Pantelis <tompantelis@...>

On Thu, Jan 3, 2019 at 8:44 AM Ray, Jordin via archetypes-dev <archetypes-dev@...> wrote:
I am attempting to install the latest stable Fluorine release. It looks like there’s an issue with the repository as when I install with archetype version 1.7.0 I just get a README.txt that says:
The org.opendaylight.controller:opendaylight-startup-archetype
has been replaced by the org.opendaylight.archetypes:opendaylight-startup-archetype
(note how the archetypeGroupId does not contain "controller" anymore, but ends with ".archetypes"),
and has a different version now.
And nothing is generated for me to create a project.
If I change the archetype groupID and artifact ID the archetype:generate fails because the nexus repo doesn’t have a org.opendaylight.archetypes directory.
Is this a known bug that is being fixed? Is there another way to install this? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

It looks like the new archetypes project didn't participate in the Fluorine release. Adding the release list - not sure how we go about getting the artifacts published.... 
-Jordin Ray
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