Fluorine Release Archetype Problems

Ray, Jordin <Jordin.Ray@...>

I am attempting to install the latest stable Fluorine release. It looks like there’s an issue with the repository as when I install with archetype version 1.7.0 I just get a README.txt that says:
The org.opendaylight.controller:opendaylight-startup-archetype
has been replaced by the org.opendaylight.archetypes:opendaylight-startup-archetype
(note how the archetypeGroupId does not contain "controller" anymore, but ends with ".archetypes"),
and has a different version now.
And nothing is generated for me to create a project.
If I change the archetype groupID and artifact ID the archetype:generate fails because the nexus repo doesn’t have a org.opendaylight.archetypes directory.
Is this a known bug that is being fixed? Is there another way to install this? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
-Jordin Ray