Notes from Today's meeting

Phil Robb <probb@...>

Hello Folks:

Thanks to those that could join our call this morning.  For those unable to join, here are my notes.  


Phil Robb
Luis Gomez
Neela Jacques
Jim Younan
Michael Payne
Chris O'Shea
Markus Aberg

Phil Robb kicked off the meeting with a summary of the purpose - To whittle down the list of possible PoCs to the first one or two that we would work on for the events we want to participate in during the Fall (ONUG-Fall and SDN World Congress).

Phil proposed that we start with the ODOL Demo as described in the Multi-Vendor Fabric PoC (#2 here: and potentially expand it over time to include concepts from other PoCs documented on the wiki.


1) Take existing IDOL Demo.  Link to IDOL Demo is here:
2) Add more disparate hardware to the physical network being traversed.  We need to expand the OF1.0 and OF1.3 compatible devices available in the Ericsson Lab in Santa Clara.
     ** Note that also being able to perform this type of virtual networking with non-OpenFlow protocols is also worth investigating at some point.  Currently however, the focus will be on OF1.0 and possibly OF1.3 depending on HW availability.
3) Add resiliency -  Add PoC use cases where errors/breakage occurs:
     * Link between switches in network goes down.
     * Link between controller and switch(s) goes down
     * Controller goes down
     * Multiple links/controllers go down
4) Add Dynamic Traffic Engineering.  As time/resources permit, add ability in PoC to change network characteristics/flavor of a given virtual network as it relates to the underlying physical network.

The above will be plenty to work on I believe.  The group also discussed showing a PoC/Demo of the Defense4All solution to highlight dynamic traffic engineering based on network events.  Chris O'Shea noted that he will be working on getting the Defense4All demo in better shape over the next month or so and can present his work to this group once it is complete.

For those in the meeting this morning, thanks very much for your input.  If you have any comments/corrections to these notes please respond with them to the list.


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