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This is a great idea, but to really make it usable, the list needs to be defined and the tag should be either available through auto completion or a menu. If you don't do this, then typos and other issues due to freeform text input will limit usefulness of the tags.


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Hi team,

Those of you that have worked with Robot Framework have probably observed there is a line on every test case called "Tags" that is used for tagging or marking a test case. So far we have not said anything on how to use this tag but I think it could be very good if we can use the name of the test plan or feature we are testing as the tag. Two reasons for this: 1) for statistics it would be good to know if a particular feature like topology manager, restconf flow or ovsdb for example is failing more than usual, and 2) we can easily enable/disable tagged test cases in the automation using pybot options. If you like this idea we can start doing this way. Examples of tags could be: topologymgr, switchmgr, frm, arphandler, restconfinventory, restconfflow, ovsdb, vtnmgr, cluster, etc...


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