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Luis Gomez

Hi Lead, if you pass no parameter to a specific job, the job will use default value for the parameter, in this case integration-deploy-controller-lastest-sp-edition job has 0.1.2-SNAPSHOT as default value for BUNDLEVERSION.


On May 12, 2014, at 12:36 AM, Linerdong (Led) <linerdong@...> wrote:

I have created a deploy job integration-deploy-controller-lastest-sp-edition in jenkins, and it has a string pamameter BUNDLEVERSION=0.1.2-SNAPSHOT.

Now, I create another job named integration-verify-test-sp which will trigger the integration-deploy-controller-lastest-sp-edition.

But when I build the integration-verify-test-sp , the BUNDLEVERSION of integration-deploy-controller-lastest-sp-edition will be empty.

These jobs are copied from and integration-verify-test-sp has no parmaters.

Thank you.

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