Re: [openflowjava-dev] Cross project talk on release plans (vtn/ovsdb/openflow)

Abhijit Kumbhare

Good point Ed. As you mentioned VTN & OVSDB are doing flow programming - we should figure out how to incorporate these into the integration tests.  

For OVSDB - we should continue talking over IRC/email/follow-on sessions with Brent. However for VTN it will be good if we have a meeting to discuss this soon. Since we will likely not have the OpenFlow plugin meeting on Monday - a good point to discuss with VTN would be on next Wednesday evening Pacific/Thursday morning (Europe/Asia) OpenFlow plugin meeting. i.e. May 28/29.

VTN folks - please let know if next Wednesday night/Thursday morning works.

Link for the meeting:

On Wed, May 21, 2014 at 10:28 AM, Ed Warnicke (eaw) <eaw@...> wrote:
        In an attempt to get some discussion going between projects on release plans, I have been reading through the
release plans for each project and trying to get a sense of where there are things that projects probably should talk about timing wise.

        This is the first of the email from that reading, in the hope of sparking conversation.

        Looking at the openflowplugin release plan:
        and the controller release plan:
        both are listing a goal of switching over to the openflowplugin as the default openflowplugin at M2 (6/9/14).
        There are adapters so that existing flow programming should continue to work correctly, and
        is currently running 116 (and rapidly growing, 14 new tests yesterday) integration tests successfully.
        Since VTN and ovsdb are doing flow programming, I wanted to make sure that VTN, openflowplugin, and openflowjava
were talking so that we can work together towards these.  Things that it occurs to me might be a good idea would include
getting the the vtn and ovsdb integration tests running on the openflowplugin, so that we can shake out any bugs and get them
fixed for the M2 cutover.

        Also, if there are things that ovsdb/vtn (or other flow programming projects) need from openflowplugin/openflowjava, we should
get those called out, figure out who is going to work on them, and get them into the openflowplugin/java release plans.


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