Re: [controller-dev] Are you working on, or want to work on MD-SAL code?

Luis Gomez

Hi Devin, 

There are two interns who would like to collaborate with MD-SAL Cluster test (including Cluster performance): Sefa and Vishrut

Additionally we are working with ofplugin group to provide an OpenFlow performance test that will involve MD-SAL components (like topology, inventory, flow datastore, etc...). I am not sure if you want to track this activity here but if you do please include Christopher O’Shea and myself. 


On May 28, 2014, at 7:14 AM, Devin Avery <davery@...> wrote:

Hi All -

We would like to try and compile a list of individuals who are actively (or want to actively) working on developing, committing, or testing MD-SAL code changes, or those who would like to start contributing and just need a direction. :)

Please let me know if:
  1. You are a committer who is actively committing MD-SAL code changes to the controller
  2. You are a developer who is actively (or wants to actively) submit bug fixes and enhancements to MD-SAL
  3. You are a tester who is actively testing (or wants to actively test) the performance of MD-SAL
On next Tuesday’s MD-SAL call we are going to start reviewing the “bugs” and (hopefully) start assigning them out to folks to work (we obviously need volunteers to work the bugs or we are going to get nowhere fast. :) ) - hence this request now.

I will compile a list of people who are available and willing to work tasks- that way we can make sure everyone is included and everyone has something to work on and someone assigned to review / help out.

Feel free to respond directly to me if you want (devin.avery@...) instead of broadcasting to all if you like.

Thank you!

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