Re: ML2 support question

Luis Gomez

Thanks Madhu, cc-ing integration group as this is of its interest.

On May 30, 2014, at 12:44 AM, Madhu Venugopal <mavenugo@...> wrote:

Hi Luis

Apart from the basic Network, Subnet & Port ML2 operations, the current ML2 Opendaylight driver supports :
1. Router
2. Security Groups

And as you know, the Opendaylight ML2 driver Tempest is using the ovsdb.neutron as the baseline for ODL-Openstack
integration. In that vein, we are also working towards getting FWaaS and LBaaS integrated for Helium release.

Since Juno timeline and Helium timeline may not sync, Neutron side, FWaaS & LBaaS OS-ODL Driver changes will be living
off of a private branch or Neutron master until Juno is released.

I will keep you posted with more info as we make progress. As we discussed, we might need some help from you guys
on getting proper Tempest testing going for OS + ODL.


On 5/30/14, 12:32 AM, Luis Gomez wrote:
Hi Madhu,

Today in our Thursday Integration gathering at Ericsson we came up with a question that you know for sure:

The OpenStack ML2 API supports some operations and a lot of extensions according to this doc:

Do you know which extensions (if any) are already implemented in the OpenDaylight mechanism driver? and do you know any plan for supporting more extensions in future?


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