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Swaraj Vinjapuri


I should be able to present it. 60 min or 90 mins slot would be good. I will see if  I can pull in ON-LAB folks as well, if possible.
I will not be able to join both days of hackfest , but can join part of it.


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Good idea Swaraj, will you be able to present it? how long do you need?

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Should we add the TestON framework intro/demo  to the schedule ? We have GUI  working now, trying to get the Jenkins integration working.


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Subject: [integration-dev] The First Open Daylight Integration Hackfest

Hi Team and interested parties,


We are planning the first of many to come Open Daylight Integration Hackfests.


This one is scheduled for June 16th and 17th  from 8am to 7pm and will be held at Brocade’s San Jose campus on Holger Way.
We will also use the IRC meet bot as well.


The Tentative Schedule and Topics are as follows:


Monday June 16th
09:00 - Intro to Workflow    - Luis 
10:00 - Tools -  (Robot (Carol), Jenkins (Luis), Testopia (Carol), Bugzilla(Carol), Ride(Robot IDE) (Chris))
11:00 - Hands on (Carol)
01:00 - Helium release (open floor) {Luis}
02:00 - Core group break out (Open Flow, NetConf, NetApps, Cluster, Performance, Openstack)  {Chris}


Monday June 17th
09:00  - Roundtable ( demo or explain what u did yesterday )  {Chris}
10:00  - Talk about projects   (roundtable) {ALL}
01:00 - Break into groups on interest of projects. {ALL}


Let me know if you would like to see other topics discussed or have any comments.






Carol A. Sanders
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