Issue with running ListProcessingAndOrderingTest tests from sal-binding-dom-it

Vaishali Mithbaokar (vmithbao) <vmithbao@...>


I am running into issue where 3 of the ListProcessingAndOrderingTest tests from sal-binding-dom-it are failing with following error

[main] ERROR org.opendaylight.yangtools.sal.binding.generator.impl.TransformerGenerator - Cannot compile DOM Codec for interface
java.lang.RuntimeException: cannot find found in org/opendaylight/yang/gen/v1/urn/opendaylight/params/xml/ns/yang/controller/md/sal/test/store/rev140422/lists.class
I see the following structure for the generated classes, which shows lists folder is present as well as Lists class is also present. Any idea what could be wrong, appreciate any pointer to troubleshoot this issue further.


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