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On Thu, 2014-06-05 at 04:36 +0000, Luis Gomez via RT wrote:

I have a question on Jenkins: I have observed that when we pile up an
amount of test (CSIT) jobs in the build queue, these jobs are not
executed in the coming order (FIFO). Is this expected or a bug? if the
first, can the behavior be changed to FIFO?
Greetings Luis,

The Jenkins queue is by default a FIFO queue. There are circumstances
that re-order the execution though.

The CSIT jobs are a prime example of things getting a bit funny though
because of the number of dependencies that are in place between jobs.
It's also hard to predict the exact order things will be done in when a
job triggers multiple jobs at end of execution.

IIRC the way the jobs are currently configured you shouldn't be running
into issues where things are stepping on each other or executing
completely out of order. Those jobs that have sub-job call outs that
need to happen should be happening in the proper order.

That being said, the next major project we've got for infrastructure
after getting jenkins systems moved into Rackspace is to work on getting
Jenkins Job Builder taken care of to alleviate all of the GUI based job
management projects need to do along with add in templating of jobs.
Doing that will allow us to then add in Zul for job management and that
would then allow us to do tighter control of actual job execution order
with the ability to effectively create "gate" jobs.


Andrew J Grimberg
Systems Administrator
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