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Luis Gomez

Hi Rocky,

Just couple of comments:

1) I saw some projects like OSCP or Affinity although they do not participate in Helium. I believe the list of projects for Helium is in this wiki:

2) Third column M2 status is kind of confusing, I would change to something like real status for each project deliverable and the color code for it (status->color). I think the idea of this sheet was to gather all project deliverables status in one place rather than tracking which project has documented or not the status in its own page…


On Jun 9, 2014, at 11:45 AM, Rochelle.RochelleGrober <rochelle.grober@...> wrote:

I’ve made the mockup editable, but remember, it’s a mockup.
Please provide feedback.  I’m working on getting the colors of the status cells to have a value so we can generate the pivot table automatically.  That would make this doc working.
But, we really need feedback.  What is good, what is bad, what is missing, what isn’t needed.
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Hi Rocky,
I tried to update our projects status(lisp), but I don’t have permissions to update the file…
David Goldberg
Software Engineer
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OK.  I’ve got a sort of mock-up of a status page for milestones and releases.[1]
At the top are three gauges which go from -40 to +40  There are 31 projects listed, so the reality is this should go from -31 to +31, but I left some slack.  The first gauge is Delivered Deliverables.  The second, Project Status and the third, Dependencies
To get the numbers, first I:
·        took each listed project from the wiki (two lists – projects list and release plan list.  I added the extra projects from the release plans page at the bottom of the spreadsheet).  I listed them in column 1 of sheet 1. 
·        The second column lists the deliverables listed in the release plans for M2 for each project.  I colored the cell based on reports of assumed state of combined deliverables based on status and dependencies. 
·        The third column is status and reflects only what is or is not currently in the release plans. 
·        The fourth column is dependencies required in M2 (as much as I could figure out.)
·        On the second sheet, the first column is the gauges I wanted to display
·        The second column is the value to show.  I did this one by hand, but the formula is this:
o   Every green cell (or cell contents) = +1
o   Every yellow cell =0
o   Every red cell =-1
o   The cells in the second column of the sheet2 are the sums of the colors from the matching columns in sheet 1
This is only a mock-up, but the power of just seeing in these two methods the presumed state of ODL is very powerful.  Each project could maintain their own spreadsheet, the spreadsheet being the release plan, and they could change the status based on their weekly meetings, input from integration, etc.  By linking the spreadsheets to this one, the ODL teams could have a general status spreadsheet on a main wiki page, with each project having their detailed statuses in spreadsheets on their project pages. 
All of this assumes, of course that Google docs will display in media wiki and that multiple sheets can have linking cells.  But, if it can this could be really useful.
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Not sure if this will help or not, but each project has a maven group id (like org.opendaylight.controller) so you
could in principle autoscan for the dependencies (both direct and indirect) using a little maven tooling.
But I think that the interesting thing is really what *development* folks are counting on from other projects,
not what they currently use... not sure how to get that.

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I did a little research already and plan to get to the mockup tomorrow.  There are lots of interesting things people are doing with dashboards, so I think the mockup will provide lots of food for thought.
I think that besides project status, the most important thing to track right now is the project dependencies and their status.  Autogenerating the map should be possible if each project maintains a list of their outside project dependencies. 
I’ll see if I can post a Google doc tomorrow.  If not tomorrow, Monday.
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Reporting out on #actions from that... I've opened a helpdesk request for a mediawiki plugin to embed
google docs in Mediawiki (#5664).
Has anyone heard from rockyg on his mockup action?
Colin, did some of this get captured on a wiki page?

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Replying to keep things on the discuss list. Yes, I think we should be able to make this work in mediawiki.



On Wed, Jun 4, 2014 at 5:44 PM, Rochelle.RochelleGrober <rochelle.grober@...> wrote:
Just wanted to add that mediawiki has over 2200 extensions [1], including googledocs, phpspreadsheets, insertable tables, bugzilla plugin, testopia plugin, etc., many of which generate data visualizations.  I’m thinking that a few of us should get together on an IRC and determine which extensions we think would be worth getting Infra to install/configure to help us with integration and tracking of project statuses.
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Subject: [OpenDaylight Discuss] pre-M2 release meeting minutes

The high level readout was the following:
* We need to provide projects a better way to track milestone (M1, M2, etc.) progress
* To this end, we'll set guidelines for updating release plans with a status columm
* We will also hopefully set up a spreadsheet to track things

Presumably more e-mails (to project leads) will follow.
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