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Giovanni Meo <gmeo@...>

Hi David,

yes i have looked at ZooKeeper, so the reason why i didn't pick it was because the Zookeeper to my knowledge implements its functionality using a server-client architecture:

that means that depending on how you deploy your cluster you may have to add more zookeper server because else the system may run in bottlenecks. That translates in a deployment issue because when you deploy it you need to dimension the number of zookeper servers to deploy as well, and take care to where you connect in order to avoid to overload any of them.
Now starting from this points i looked around and run into infinispan which allow to deploy your cluster as a P2P network because beside the meet and greet phase the other communications happens on a full mesh.
This is a bit of history, that said if folks have a good zookeeper experience i encourage to create an alternative based on it so we can actually weight the pro and cons on real code, which is always eye opening.


On 28-Oct-13 18:00, Bainbridge, David wrote:

Thanks for this pointer. I was wondering if any thought was given to use
something like Zookeeper to maintain the cluster information as opposed to the
supernode construct?

I understand that structurally this doesn't significantly change how clustering
operates (i.e. something needs to be started and used for coordination before
controllers are started), but using something like ZK would provide a separation
of concerns between controller cluster management and other controller functions
as well as potentially provide a mechanism to coordinate between controllers
when ODL is not the only controller deployed in a network.

Just thinking out loud ...


On 10/28/2013 03:56 AM, Giovanni Meo wrote:
Hi Luis,

apologize for it, create a wiki page with the information:

Please let me know if you run into issues.


On 28-Oct-13 04:04, Luis Gomez wrote:
Hi again,

I am looking for a procedure to do system test on a controller cluster. However
I do not find any instruction on how to setup and verify a cluster, any idea?

Thanks in advance


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