Re: Restarting Nexus

Robert Varga

On 28/06/18 19:29, Robert Varga wrote:
On 28/06/18 18:06, Faseela K wrote:
Hi Thanh,

   I am still getting some random failures in the distribution checks.


   Recheck would help?
It looks like the Eclipse Photon release (or something) threw off our
compilation stack. If
verifies, then once it is merged we should be okay (on mdsal).

I guess netvirt will need an equivalent fix.
Yup, that helped, all call sites will need that patch, too.

The problem comes from a split package between:


Since xtend-maven-plugin pulls in 3.8.0 equinox.common and something
else is pulling in core.runtime 3.14.0, the set of certificates do not
match (one of the certificates used to sign 3.8.0/3.9.0 expired in
March) -- hence the SecurityException.


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