Re: [OpenDaylight TSC] Publishing ODL models to github?

Robert Varga

On 28/06/18 22:07, Thomas Nadeau wrote:
[Adding Einar who co-maintains YangModels with me]

Thanks for chasing this down Robert. This looks promising.

Is there any interest on the ODL/LF side to work with us on this? We have a similar setup with IETF draft models
where we allow auto-push/commits but have some particular requirements for making this work. We should
sit down and discuss this briefly to get on the same page. Building the scripting isn’t difficult as its
likely more or less what we have working already, but we need some of that code to sit on the ODL/LF
servers or something. Perhaps we can sit down with Thanh and work out these final details.

Let us know and we can setup a meeting to discuss.
Can we schedule this on an OpenDaylight TWS (Mondays 10am PST)?

We definitely need to discuss:
- repo layout (vendor/opendaylight ?)
- what collateral (docs, licenses, etc.) needs to be present
- where/how will submissions be generated and merged


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