Re: [opendaylight-dev] Revived Clustering Call Time

Robert Varga

On 03/07/18 19:25, Ryan Goulding wrote:

is worth the extra overhead?

Probably not, we should keep the arrangement light weight and agile.  I
vote we keep operating as we did today, as that did seem to work smoothly. 
I think the topics to be discussed need to be put on the agenda beforehand.

Clustering topics do have a tendency to run over time and therefore we
need to make better time management.

I also think getting the agenda straightened out and addressing major
Kernel project issues in the first 10 minutes would give people time to
think about what was said in the netvirt call and bio-break.

That having been said -- a short recap on where the second half-an-hour
starts would be useful.

Furthermore -- what are the goals of this one-hour clustering
discussion, i.e. if we are treating it as interim, what are the exit


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